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Jessica Alysia is a photographer originally from the Bay Area, CA.

Hi. My name is Jessica Alysia and I am freelance photographer focusing in event + lifestyle photography. I am currently based in New Orleans, Louisiana but originally from all over the Bay Area. I am a serious Pisces, a dog mom to Chip and Bella, wife to a Southern gentleman, an avid concert goer, office supply addict, and 100% iced coffee driven.

After many years of taking photos for friends, family, and all through out my life, I have come to realize that although everything around me changes, my love of this art form is constant. To me, there is nothing more magical than being able to take a photo, printing it, and framing it. A piece of time that I can hold in my hands, I mean come on! How incredible is that?

I have taken many detours in life, which have all led me to bet on myself now. I began to take photography seriously, to take my craft seriously, and to take what I have to offer someone else’s life, seriously and I am so excited to be able to write this here, on my very own website where my favorite pieces of work reside. I was put here on this Earth, to create visual stories. Whether they’re mine or yours…





New Orleans, LA

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